I wonder if you can handle this.

That's fair enough.

I really don't have any questions.

Do what you want.

You seem to be much more optimistic lately.

Your son took part in the student movement, I hear.


What have you done right now? I've just woken up.


Joshua didn't want me to tell you about the party.


Nici changed into a very nice dress.

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I'm glad you helped Phillip.

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It's too heavy for Kimmo to carry.


Don't worry. I can fix it.

You should memorize as many English words as possible.

He came back last night around nine.

Prakash and Tuan were alone in the park.

You are guided


You weren't counting on my evangelizing power!

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The cows looked big and docile.


Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but--more frequently than not --struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.

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It is, even now, a book loved by men and women alike.

It was nothing short of wonderful.

They are baseball players.


I helped Mommy in the kitchen.

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His loneliness was as deep as the blue of the ocean around his dugout canoe.

I need to practice speaking Turkish.

Don't come in here, please!

I bought a VIP pass.

He lost the watch he bought yesterday.


He brought us a small gift each time he called on us.

This farm yields enough vegetables to meet our needs.

He said that he was sick, and this was a lie.

Wine makes man's heart happy.

I'd like to talk to them again.

Mike runs fastest in his class.

With the help of the doctors, she recovered.

She is convinced that her son is still alive.

Chuck told everyone in the room about what had happened.

Cliff is on the job.

The results are negative.


I lost my dog.


With half an hour on this treadmill you'll work up a pretty good sweat.

Return to your room.

Erwin wasn't able to do what he wanted to do.


Dori is Hughes's business partner.


We're not going to risk that.

He is a VIP and we must treat him as such.

I wouldn't rule it out.


That was Jill's personal opinion.

As far as he was concerned, things were going well.

We thought we did all we could.

You may do whatever you want to do.

What's new about this way of urban living?

It is a fact that I don't know her name.

Clarence is on his way to work.

Look at me when I talk to you.

I don't know what to sing.


I'm coming back again.


Daniel didn't want Ralf to call him all the time.

No one was there.

I should've done this a long time ago.


After breakfast, we went out for a walk.

What're you doing with this?

I took care of my sick sister.

I suppose you'll let Anton go.

Because of the hot sun, they were tired.


The night has just begun.

Rainer doesn't have much interest in outdoor sports.

The mafia boss was killed in a hail of machine gun fire.

Please reconfirm the reservation by March 10.

Love is seeing her in your dreams.

Few girls can even speak to him.

It couldn't hurt to give it a shot.


In Japan, all children go to school.


I'd like her to be happy.

She admonished me that I should consult a doctor.

The concrete mixing plant is just a mile from the worksite.


I sometimes meet Vilhelm at the club.

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Ken is the taller of the two.

Tango was however always bullied by other neighbors' cats and came home covered with wounds.

I cooked her dinner.


I warned you this would happen.


I don't want to live where I work.

The thing I am most afraid of about dying is not having lived the fullest.

Do you have a copy of that report?


Have you finished writing that song you've been working on?


I can't believe Rathnakumar lied to my face about what happened.


Actually, we don't have a choice.

Hydropower is a renewable resource.

Ji often stays out all night.


Did I say I was finished?

The guys all made fun of him.

You're going to ruin it.

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Take a look at the books I bought.

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I could not even make a guess at the working of her mind.

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Think of your family.

Tuna's car has 100 horsepower.

I accompanied her on the piano.

Beverly has gone to get help.

I advised him against smoking.

We don't know anything yet.

Would you mind watching my suitcase for a minute?


Elaine had to repeat first grade.

The last time I saw Michelle, he was ranting about something.

This is just like old times.

How did you get so good at backgammon?

Let us do the dirty work.

They will be very glad.

For several days she flew steadily south, resting from time to time when her wings grew tired.

I'm sure Carter got the message.

Do you see any problems with the project?

He ran too fast for us to catch up with.

Dan got another call from Linda.

It's a question of life or death.

I never see her without wanting to kiss her.

I asked for one.

I love the way you kiss.

Guido is hysterical.

We didn't have many visitors this summer.

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Tolerant is breast-feeding her baby.

An Englishman, a Belgian and a Dutchman enter a pub and sit down at the counter. Says the barkeeper, "Wait a minute, is this a joke or what?"

Your dog was born this year.

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Don't mess with Africans.

Why aren't the people in Australia upside down?

It's improved.

"I need a sentence that contains the word 'deficit reduction'. Can you help me?", whispered Sundaresan.

How do you know they're not just giving you a weird look because you have a funny face?

I felt the richer for having read the book.

You sure have a way with words.


Do you know anything about Derek?


There are always choices.

Maybe you should do what Geoff asked you to do.

It's been done before.

I'm trying to find Sandip.

What makes you think she likes you?

Many people were outraged by a picture of a women pumping air into her tires while a man stood beside her playing on his phone.

What's the local time in Tokyo now?

Prakash has a twin brother.

I'm a little late.


I have to go, it's late!


Take off your glasses.

That's my lunch.

Don't be such a fool.


What is negative right and positive right?

I have to know what's going on.

Kanthan read a lot of books.

Mahesh's thirty.

A man, whether rich or poor, should do something in this world.

Laura is unrepentant.

It was good to feel like one of the group, because my blond hair and 185 cm height already made me stand out.

There's a funny smell coming from the engine of the car.

There is a bottle in the refrigerator.

The rain gauge is broken.

I can not buy spare parts for this car.


Who want to go for shopping

He took a beautiful shot at a deer.

Something's got to give.