Patricia learned to ride a bike when he was ten years old.

Nigel is painting his house.


We'll never agree to that.

What did you experience?

You should call your parents more often.

The octopus exits only to look for food and for reproductive purposes.

I'm tickled pink about winning 10,000 yen at the horse races.

They offered me your job.

How long have you been smoking?

Stephen is really good at swimming.

Terrance asked Moran who had given her the picture.


His parents expect too much of him.

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A bad cold has kept me from studying this week.

The chimney is made of brick.

Do you feel like going skiing?

I was born on 23 March 1969 in Barcelona.

Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?

You have such good friends.

Raul isn't concentrating.

I'm sure that's what Phillip would wish for.

Hand me the knife.


It lies with you to decide which to choose.


You are hopelessly, endlessly annoying.


Why do you do that?

Jennie didn't notice the surveillance camera.

There were only three children on the bus.


The autocrat strove in vain to deal with the situation.

Rabin is quite a bit older than me.

The meeting dragged on for three and a half hours.

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in the fall.

Nanda needs some cash.

This girl is incredibly hot.

No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.


It's not his ability, but his character that is at issue.

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Tait may not have to go back to Boston.

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Medics were immediately called.


Knut has already gotten three threatening phone messages.


Mr. Roberto? You're under arrest.


I've been here for an hour.


I will call you up, provided that I have time.

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I'll run over there later, in my car.

I didn't mean to wake her up.

You watch it.


A gift of cheesecake is apparently good to soothe discord.

Get dressed and come downstairs.

Were you with him that evening?

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All having been spent on repairs, he applied to the bank for the loan.

I was having fun.

I'd like to drink a cup of tea.

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I took a day off yesterday and went on a picnic.

Carol helped cook lunch.

Leslie doesn't look convinced.


Take one of these.


He smiled at me and got on the train.

I'm a normal guy.

I paid him five dollars.

I'd just like to ask if you saw or heard anything last night that could cast some light on this mysterious affair.

Theodore asked for Sanche's opinion.

I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it.

A hedge between keeps friendship green.

She went to Paris for the first time.

I told her to come visit us.

Manolis certainly is good at making snap decisions.

When we reached the summit, we all yelled out into the void.

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I'm not the only one who can do this.

There is a portrait of Bob on the wall.

You've got to be intrepid!

I don't know who has the highest authority in Japanese grammar.

Valerie asked me to take a look at it.

She tends to be late.

That Prof.'s talk is driving me up the wall.

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I'll let you guys do that.


I have only just begun.

We had not gone far before we were caught in a shower.

Tolerant is the only customer in the bar.

You are much taller than you used to be.

John began learning English at the age of seventy-five.

Let's shake hands.

I came because of something you wrote.

I can reason with her.

You're pessimistic.


I want to send a parcel to Japan.

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Panos died early Monday.

After your death you will be what you were before your birth.

I have never kissed a guy before.


We urge you to be patient.

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When it was put that clearly, I was at a loss for a response.


I'm still not used to living in Boston.

There is nothing for it but to put off our departure.

Is Rajiv a foreigner?

Am I missing something?

I don't know as much about this as you do.

The assassin was immediately caught, put into a car and driven away from the crime scene.

He knew better than to say such a thing.

Lois has been very busy this week.

We didn't agree.

I forgot to put film in the camera.

The police are checking their bags.

Jarvis should've stayed.

The sky will clear soon.

I'll help you find somewhere to live.

Eating between meals is bad for the figure.

It probably means something.

Physical closeness made him feel threatened, so his girlfriend took things very, very slow.


Read between the lines.

I have always identified hard work with success in life.

Problem solved!


Gabriel knows what to expect.

Answer the following question to receive your password.

I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.

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We can get over the problem without difficulty.

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I thought you would miss your train.

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Could you call a doctor?


And like many small towns in England, it has quite a long history.

As to your final grade, that depends on your final examination.

We will sharpen the knives.


Dustin has always wanted to be a professional musician.

The player was acclaimed by the fans.

You can't keep hiding from the truth.

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Rebecca didn't find anything in the old box.


There is only a poor market for silk now.

More and more women have their own careers and are economically independent of their husbands.

Please fasten your seatbelt.

It really is quite late.

Paul put on gloves before going out.

Dick was involved in a traffic accident.

There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.

A man is known by the company he organizes.

We'll leave you alone.

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Pretty, isn't it?

It's not an insult. It's an observation.

As the warm days of spring led to summer, a baby bat was born. He had a tiny, furry body with awkward wings. His mother held him close to her and wrapped him in her wings.


Above all, I want to see him again.

Raul Jackson is one of the richest men in Boston.

We haven't seen it yet.


Delbert changed the locks on his doors.

What do you think you'll do with your life?

Are you sure this is what we're supposed to do?

You seem better.

He despised those who lived on welfare.

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Take care to turn off lights in rooms when nobody's in them.


Joseph forgave Erick for losing all his money.

Dan studied psychological warfare techniques at infantry academy.

His face went white with fear.

Shuvra speaks French really well.

I presented my ticket at the door.

You must get the job done before the deadline.

Aim. Fire!

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Jane was tough.


She should apologize.

Clifford is looking right at us.

You don't have to get married if you don't want to.


She had left the front door unlocked.


Do you want to go first?