People are most angry when they feel they are being mocked. That's why those who are confident in themselves seldom become angry.

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He looks young considering his age.

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It was a calm winter evening.

He denounced all forms of dishonesty in government.

Alice may possibly come.


I gather you were hurt.

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This style is much in vogue.

Dan didn't even talk about Linda.

I'm just happy for Thierry.


He's late.

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The young man saved the girl from drowning.


Don't let that dog come near me!


We're going to make it come true.

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Are you in favor of the plan or not?

Green is the color of money.

What's the name of the place?

The book was new.

Perfect people don't exist.

This isn't quite what I had in mind.

I'm ahead in my work.

There's one for you and one for me.

What do you think he should do?


She was rather afraid of the strange old woman.

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He's a very good teacher, so his children really listen to him.


What did you do to me?


What's on TV now?


Do not make any sudden or violent movements.

Green suits Alice.

This isn't any scarier than the Germans.

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This answer is useful for every similar future case.

I want an apple.

God shot himself.

Only your advice has to be followed.

She picked a lot of beautiful flowers.

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I may not make it to your party.

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It looks like most people give up before realizing their abilities.

Spudboy is helping them.

Ning forgot to bring his tennis racket.


There is little furniture in my house.


The chickens have come home to roost.

Eli quickly left the room.

I speak French as well as Vance.

I don't find that comforting.

Let's find out what we can do to help.


We respect each other.

We're very satisfied with it.

Emily wants to learn Greek.

Can you speak Mandarin?

Someday your dream will come true.


He likes to beat around the bush.


I'd better report this to them.

Heinz has a tattoo on his wrist.

Do you think a male Gemini would get on well with a female Pisces?

It's my life.

We were working together.


I'm not sure I understand what Ritchey meant.

There are rats in the kitchen.

I don't really want to go to Boston.

I don't mean to be selfish.

We have to do that as soon as we can.


We were both drunk.

Fruit is a food and is good.

Don't interrupt her.


We were late for school because it rained heavily.

I think Matthew is athletic.

Who doesn't want to be happy in life?

Just try to do your best.

Here's where they usually have dinner.


You're upsetting him.

I'll make you happy.

There were police everywhere.

I do not fear death.

The mountain is green.

The default value is zero.

He is certainly independent of his parents.

I won't stay silent.

It went really well.

We'll go now if you're ready.

Come, sit by me.

It may or may not be true.

Do you want me to pick up anything at the supermarket?

She isn't here now.

I tried to change the subject, but they went on talking about politics.

Gerard has denied that allegation.

They put on a show to entertain their teachers.

I ate curry yesterday.

Blood is a juice of rarest quality.

I recommend the public transport be enhanced.

We guarantee our products for one year.

This is the first time I've ever needed help.

You'll regret having said those words.


I'm excited and ready to go.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.

I know all about it.


Do you want me to believe that?

Trying became calm.

No matter what your main purpose is in reading, books should never fail to provide contentment and satisfaction.

The broad river flows slowly.

It will cool down tonight.


I lent Leonard a book about Germany.


Mr Smith drilled them in English pronunciation.

His wife doesn't even know why he died.

Hasn't it been solved yet? Whose responsibility is it, the prefecture's or the country's?


This got many people angry.

I can't believe you still trust Jeannette.

You only get one.


Do you need something to drink?

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I cannot take a shower at night.


This bicycle is mine. Yours is over there.

He can't be hungry. He's just had lunch.

Edgar hasn't been wrong yet.

Dan rejected Linda's idea to expose everything to the press.

Is Karen safe?


I won't eat this.


I am familiar with this neighborhood.


Are these allegations true?

Physics is not easy to learn.

The only thing in the world which one can never receive or give too much is love.

Clark won't look at her.

You remind me of Lila.

Hazel is refusing to pay his bills.

As I was having lunch, the phone rang.

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What does this mark mean?

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It was his fault.


Can he be ill when he runs around like that?

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Well, how did it happen anyway?

I'm trying to save Mahmoud's life.

I quit smoking.


If this be treason, make the most of it.

I can sell anybody anything.

Let me explain it to him.

Antonella is finally able to sit up in bed.

English is not difficult to learn.

His face radiated enthusiasm.

She implied that she would like to come with us.

What's the name of this place?

Roger wants to do a good job.


We have lunch at midday.

You can come and get it today.

I'm not accustomed to getting up early.


The Japanese as a whole are a rice-eating nation.

None of the family had been inoculated against diphtheria.

I ran into her by chance.

I attended a big Native American festival in Florida.

Tarmi doesn't know much about pottery.

Did anyone else come into the room?

It was very delicious.

You had better not stay up late.

Lois has only one option left.


They telegraphed that everything was all right.


Woman in a wheelchair holes up in supermarket.

Where are your kids?

Is that a bullet hole?