The whole school agreed to the proposal.

Jeffrey didn't get the job.

Say what you will, I think he is honest.

You promise?

"What do you think?" "Well, I'm for it."

You don't have to say another word.

Have her do it.

Prejudices die a slow death, and you can never be sure they are really dead.


Gregge told me that I could sleep on his couch.


It's in there somewhere.

There is only Ila in natural science major, while Aldi, Ifan, and Ati are in social science major.

Tell her that I am proud of her.


I'm going to give you a friend's address.

Let's see what I can get.

You can't escape.


I just want to help you relax.

He won't be ready.

I have to wait.

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His ability came from a wonderful natural talent, not from years of experience.

It is at best a second-rate hotel.

They will probably have many psychological problems as a result, and that would be worse in the long run.


I don't want to be here when Donna gets here.

Mussolini was the founder of fascism.

He took the guitar and started playing.

Ira is plowing his field.

3 Malay nationals and a Filipino were killed in the Davao bombing on Mindanao.


Who's your favorite super hero?

The hole is too small. Keep digging!

I need sun tanning lotion.


Illness prevented her from attending the party.


You really want to talk about it now?


He asks for your opinion.


Don't swallow these chemical products.

The Queen made an address to the nation.

It's Andre's voice.

I can't read Arabic script.

Sanjay arrived a day earlier than we expected.


It's time to feed the baby.


This seems expensive, but it's so durable it will pay in the long run.


Take whichever you like best.

I've been thinking about us.

He was more loyal than I had guessed.

He regained consciousness and was able to talk.

He's very kind to me.

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How did it feel?

Stagger has a pickup truck.

I will tell him the news as soon as I see him.

I believe Seth will be acquitted.

It's an ill wind that blows no good.

Murph was shot while robbing a convenience store.

I have known him for ten years.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

The losses are incalculable.


I suggest we change clothes first.

Hillary doesn't seem to think so.

Let's try it this way.

She acknowledged his help in her book.

She wants to save the planet.


Printing more money is a short-term measure used by some countries to pre-empt inflation, but, in the long term, it makes the situation worse.


How fast she swims!

Loukas woke Victor up.

You will take one of the streets.


His wife's a friend of mine.

Cristina is fearless.

There's nothing we can't accomplish.


This has been a good day, right?


There's a risk.

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He refused to help me.

Rhonda isn't at all upset.

Dutch is closely related to German.

Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

I quit smoking three years ago.


What is it you like about her?

Who could have done such a thing to Pam?

They're watching you.

Indonesia is the largest country in the world situated only on islands.

We've done everything we can do.

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Nathaniel says she's innocent.

At this time, you don't need to understand everything.

I can't tell you the answer to that yet.

Can the dentist see me today?

She wants a new dog.

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Elite soldiers are almost always selected among the special forces.

Polly looks perplexed.

You don't need to pay anything.


Excuse me. Can I get by here?


I have an old bicycle.

Our fridge is broken.

We are usually at home in the evening.


What he did was wrong.


The founder of the Peace Corps exhorted its volunteers to let their actions speak for their hearts, for their minds and for their country.


I'm actually not sure what I should be doing now.

Let's not talk about my problems.

I can't complain.

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I wish nothing but the best for you.


There was an expensive camera left in the classroom.


Why didn't you tell her?

What hotel are you staying in?

The frightened boy's voice was shaking with terror.


Near the forest stands an isolated house.


I never went to Hiroshima on my trip.

This is the first time I've ever addressed Marika in Berber.

I've learned a lot by watching Glenn.


Darryl bends over backwards to please Laurel.

He is sure to make it in the next exam.

You were loved by this person because of your wealth.

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If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be so complacent.

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Her skin is as white as snow.


We are bragging about our new boat.

I figured you might need some help.

I assembled one.

I want you to call off the fight.

It's my dream to win a Nobel Prize.


How many phone numbers does Casey have?

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The man we saw this morning was Mr. Green.

The youngster resented being treated as a coward.

Syun has something to discuss with all of us.

Do you know where the police took Donn?

Rodger couldn't get that.

I shoved my hands into my pockets.

God, let the village be safe!


The cat is in the house.

I managed to make myself understood in French.

I tried to hide my disappointment.

Do you have anything else to tell us?

The bird's beautiful tail helps it attract females.

A schedule is an identity card for time, but, if you don't have a schedule, the time isn't there.

It's a solvent firm.


Alejandro said that he wanted to talk to me after school.

That's a very old saying.

I felt sad.

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I am very much pleased with my new maid.

Ralph sounded angry.

No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.


Edwin didn't stay in Boston for very long.

Jared defragmented his hard disk.

This building is near completion.


I love the competition.

That's an order!

When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.

You lost time.

I think that wouldn't cost much.

It's not that ridiculous.

They entered into a discussion about the issue.

I don't want to talk to him anymore.

That wasn't good.

Here's the problem.

I just cleaned all the tables.

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I was beside myself with jealousy when my youngest sister rose in the world.


Does it suit you?

I hope you're not afraid of the dark.

I used to live in Bydgoszcz.