A cowboy is driving cattle to the pasture.

I have a friend who is a pilot.


If you're not too busy, could you help me?

The prisoner denied that he had killed a policeman.

He decided not to press charges.


It reminds me of a certain someone...

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I hate every single other country. Even Palau.

Just take a deep breath.

Please leave us alone.

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You loved them, didn't you?

Every now and then they clash over their differences.

Milo doesn't understand anything.


This tooth is an incisor.

Stanley's smarter than you, you know.

I like girls.

I am disappointed at the news.

Martyn made Shahid furious.


The exhibition was a product of his imagination.

Don't give up hope, Rolf.

Kathy can't afford both.

Is there such thing as a truly selfless act?

The transportation system in that city is quite good.

Do you have any cheaper ones?

Sometimes I read so much that I forget about food and sleep.

Giovanni can be very charming.

I'll do anything for Rob.


Why are you hiding from us?


Don't lower your eyes.

He is an honest person, and he always be lied.

But it was like trying to stop the rain from falling.

We have to take that chance.

I think you should get started.

The zoo is closed on Monday.

I have no friends to whom I could speak about such matters.


Give your passport number and your date of birth.

Count from one to a hundred.

Do you know what my father used to say?

I told them not to tell anyone.

I thought Roxana said he didn't want to get married.


You're competitive.

What's your favorite yoga pose?

Chet said he didn't like this.

Stop torturing me. What did he say?

Sunil isn't cooperative.

They call us Russians.

Can I ride with you?

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He will set out for China tomorrow.

Thanks for coming back.

"Though this is madness, there's method in 't." By definition, Polonius's very words discount the possibility of madness. If there is method, then there is no madness.

Eh, you two came back here while sharing the same umbrella. I smell love in the air.

You have no right to go there.


I'll take him with me, OK?


Her oldest daughter got married.


Terrence has perfect pitch.

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He is at home, but no one can see him.

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We mustn't make too much of this incident.


Could I have flight information on flights from Salt Lake City to Phoenix please?

We will leave as soon as he comes.

I only had some pineapple for breakfast.

My brother makes friends with anybody soon.

I never say anything, even though it gets on my nerves.

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He died of a heart attack.

It's very easy to drink potato shochu now that the potato-like smell has been reduced to a low level through use of the latest biotechnology.

Rick and Carol broke up two months ago, but he's still carrying a torch for her.

The train is thirty minutes late.

Brent is an American, but he speaks Japanese as if it were his mother tongue.

Raif wanted Ravindranath to tell him she loved him.

She catches colds easily.

Neptune has large, dark circles on its surface which astronomers believe to be storms.

Comments not written in English will be deleted.


I have no fever, but my throat hurts me. I can't either freery breathe.


He plays World of Warcraft.


My brother is looking for an apartment.


I'm a teacher of Spanish for foreigners, so believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Do you remember what happened to you?

The money belongs to the company.


I don't need one of those.

How did you get past security?

He is very nervous about the exam in his English class.

I don't need you any more.

Gale knew what Olof liked.

He always takes sides with her.

You knew what would happen, didn't you?

Hell no!

Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

Where a tooth aches, there goes the tongue.

Mosur felt uneasy talking to Roxanne about that matter.

Just check it.

No matter how angry he was, he would never resort to violence.

Dominick has even more books than I do.

The diving competition is one of Jeany's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.

You weren't disappointed.

This was the first time Helen had ever seen a demolition derby.


I'd like to go over the information you've collected.

Marie knocked lightly.

Evan didn't say who he was planning to meet.

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What did you have?

Let's go to the hospital now.

Sid traveled under an assumed name.


My mother goes to the dentist every Monday to get her teeth fixed.

Let's have some cake.

I wouldn't want to bother them.

She said that they were good friends of hers.

Subsequently, she started screaming and breaking vases. I, in turn, nonchalantly left the apartment, and went to have tea with Jianyun.

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I think you're wrong about that.


Look at the reddish skies, the night is falling down.

And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.

In my house we drink a lot of beer.

Tomorrow let's go to the morning bazaar.

This room has two closets for clothing.


I don't understand why people believe in ghosts.

I sold my guitar today.

I've got to get Boyd's help.

You might have left them in the car.

Lonhyn told Bruno he'd never been to a nude beach.

Israel stood on the platform in Westminster Underground Station.

I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.

We will prepare for a boycott against Western Samoa.

You're the only person who ever calls me after 10:00 p.m.

Bobbie already knows the answer.

You have done it.

Do you remember the night when we first met?

We need more volunteers.

The weather changed quickly.

Kevin struggled to keep calm.

Mahmoud is mad about you.

I'd like to have this parcel registered.

Give him an inch and he'll take a yard.

What's your favorite time of day?

Let's see what happens now.

I ran into her by chance.

This album features vocals by James Taylor.

He kissed me softly on the lips.

You can't get there by train.

He said that the United States declared its independence in 1776.

Not everyone who lives here is rich.

When can you come to my house?

Ruth unfolded the letter and read it.

Is Pieter nearby?

At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

Who's been keeping count?


Ram isn't responsible for what happened.


You're really awesome.

I'm in a same-sex marriage... the sex is always the same.

It seems like you know everything.


Something strange is going on.


I want this one myself.


Don't you dare bail on me.


He gave her a big kiss.

Where does it hurt?

This book doesn't belong to Suzan.

The beggar accosted me for money.

Shari is coming to Boston tomorrow.

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I'm very grateful for your support.


He will soon get used to the class.

I was waiting for Jackye.

Jefferson's Bible gives us a preaching Jesus of distinctly human dimensions, without miracles or resurrection.


We had Leonard Jackson under surveillance.


Marshall frequently downloads movies.

I haven't seen you around here before.

You look good today.