He heaped abuse on the rather surprised clerk.

Normally, I wouldn't have been so busy.

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Nigel got himself another beer.

They lost the bet.

Suu completed the mission.


Where's your shirt?

Nelken no longer has the energy to compete.

How do you plead?


You must promise me something.

Hopefully, things will work out.

We'll find out who did this.

Her action deserves respect.

This movie is starting to get really interesting.

Death is seeking for his prey.

I have to talk to him now.

He will, no doubt, tell the boss on me.

What little money I had was stolen.

Linguistic prescriptivism is unscientific, and is criticized as such by those who are actual linguists.

Mexicans are the largest group of Hispanic origin in the United States of America.

It crawls on all fours as a baby, then learns to walk on two legs, and finally needs a cane in old age.

And desire follows me at my heels and bites me, for I love you, o Lady Death.

He caught sight of a thief attempting to break into the house.

How do we know it isn't just a trap?

Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.

They told me you're a real expert!

I hope this won't affect our friendship.

Cyrus leaned out the window.


This is the very book that I want to read.

He died at 83 years old.

I will come, weather permitting.


Behaviour is the highest form of preaching.

Someone has to stop it.

Feeling a little dizzy, I sat down for a while.


Let it be done at once.

Collin said he didn't want to go to Boston.

We know it's not going to work.

Let's eat now. I'm dying of hunger.

Ranjit didn't laugh, did he?

I graduated three years ago.

The situation is complicated.


You're going to want to take a picture of this.

It's evidently a bad example.

I don't know what more I can do for Ramadoss.

Christofer kept reading.

What did you just say to her?

I should've paid in advance.

Which objects are in the room?

Do you still have what we found last night?

He promised me that he would be more careful in the future.


The pilot wasn't injured when the plane crashed.

Be seeing you!

Remember that, however hard glass may be, it breaks easily.

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

I met her on the street by accident.

Every person will be admitted regardless of his or her age.

There is a football (US: soccer) stadium in the city where I live.

I am at the bank.

I'll get you out of this awful situation.

Yes, so?

Eliot didn't say what he was planning to do.

Why are you still here?

He opened the door.

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They tried to hide their xenophobia.

A budget deficit will occur because of a revenue shortfall.

It won't let me ask you.

This new operating system is literally a Trojan horse.

I'm taking this to Yvonne.


Did you kidnap him?

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I'm not a sentence. I should be deleted from Tatoeba.


He is a big shot.

You must go, like it or lump it.

Do you speak Irish?


If you want to master a language, you need to learn to think in that language.

He has spent ten years in jail for murder.

We soon believe what we desire.


Our class has a meeting once a week.

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I suffered from kidney failure.


Don't go there.

I have to go to the bank now.

The world is divided into people who get things done, and people who get the credit.

I shook hands with Jane.

I'm a big fan of Franklin.


If it rains tomorrow, we'll go by car.


I didn't think it was right.

Amigo slipped the money in his pocket.

I'm taking this to her.


He fought bravely in behalf of a cause.

She did not come until two.

Yes, I have a stomach ache.

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It is forbidden to smoke.

I was about to go out, when he came to see me.

I grasped the whole meaning of the book by reading.

I can assure you that chances are in your favor.

Materialists and madmen never have doubts.

Bobby was sitting in the dugout with his teammates.

Anna paid no attention to Marian at all.

How is Petr going to help you?

It doesn't always work.

Elwood is keen on surfing.

Shatter and I walk to school together.

I think I've found what we've been looking for.

We must take his youth into account.

This morning I have solved the problem, but maybe there are still further problems.

Play the Humppa!

I was supposed to take Margot to dinner.

Pontus is upstairs talking to Hein now.

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I've been trying to solve this problem for hours.

He was a short, elderly man with thick glasses.

How did you know Herman was going to say yes?

What will Marek be doing this summer?

I told Alf who I really am.


How many times have you seen "Matrix"?

That would be a shining example of sarcasm! It's sarcasm at its finest! Of course, I'm also being sarcastic.

We're dying from conformity.

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Christopher is right outside.

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He was jealous of his wife.

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Let's go make fun of her.

The runner sprinted on the last lap.

I want people to know what happened.

If you wish, you may pick them up, or we would be glad to send them back to you.

I have an orange and an apple.


She was beside herself with anger after the argument.

Grant would've heartily agreed.

Love is only an invention.

The extra room proved very useful when we had visitors.

It's no longer safe here.


Is it too difficult?

His bravery is worth respecting.

How did you cut your hand?


That does not accord with his statement.


You've gone too far.


I know Marci is sleepy.


He is a natural to win the Presidency.

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Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.


Workers in these factories comprise a large percentage of immigrants.

All license number plates of all countries are different.

The nurse has very gentle hands.


Let's go and find Clara.


I've stopped buying meat there.

Ask for Syd.

It wouldn't be right that I'd let you copy my work.

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He is not as old as he seems.


Your lips are red.


Let's go and talk to Jon.

I'll buy Joel a beer.

The storm has broken the line.

Naim likes all of his teachers.

I wonder why Harvey is so happy.

Doctors have discovered some startling facts.

Fill out the application.

Now, let me handle it.

Butterflies are beautiful.

John had to get along on a shoestring.

He makes everything worth it!

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The conference drew 150 diplomats.

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These are people.

I proposed a way that wasn't so stupid.

Did it go well?

I've told them everything.

He got a job at the Law Library.